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Not the doctor but the body heals the disease.




The Professional Training Trauma & Body Oriented Learning is a solid and intensive training for people who want to deepen professionally in working with Trauma.

This training is designed from a broad perspective. This means that visions and knowledge are brought in by a great team of professionals from all kinds of disciplines, cultural backgrounds, but also generations. The idea behind this is that every puzzle piece has an answer  gives on the puzzle we have to put together in the field of trauma, but also as humanity. At the moment, the knowledge is often separated. This means that we divide areas of knowledge, that we put one above the other and that we therefore always miss the essence. In this training, we want to get as close as possible to the essence of trauma and allow as many people as possible to speak, so that people can form their own vision of dealing with trauma based on this. The knowledge and experience that is shared during this training comes from mainstream science, but also from old, original  medicine and traditions, cultures and disciplines.

In this Professional Training Trauma and Body Oriented Learning you learn to look through the eyes of trauma at your own life and that of the people you work with. You learn what the impact and effect of trauma is, you learn to listen to the story of the body and how to investigate and broaden traces of trauma. The basis for the training is body-oriented learning .


In this training we bring together Western mainstream and complementary views on trauma.

Onno van der Hart , Suzette Boon, Nelleke Nicolai, Gabor Mate, Franz Ruppert, Nick Blaser, Peter Levine & Bessel van der Kolk, Bert Hellinger).

We supplement this with teaching methods from other disciplines, visions and cultures , including:

Dance & Movement Expression, Theater, Music, Shamanism, Maori Healing, Voice &  Breathwork, Chinese medicine and rituals.

For whom?
Professional Training has been specially developed for professionals who are experienced in professionally guiding people, including in mental and somatic health care), who want to specialize in working with trauma, including psychologists, psychotherapists, coaches, counselors, doctors or physiotherapists, POHGGZ, haptonomists & therapists, social workers and psychosocial therapists).


What do we offer?

The Professional Training consists of training days (one and two days) and online webinars.

It is possible for professionals to only follow the webinars (see Webinars).

The training consists of three modules. Depending on previous education and experience, a 'tailor-made program' can be agreed. It is therefore possible to follow the entire course, but also part of it.  


Together with you we create a personal learning trajectory, tailored to your previous knowledge and experience. This will determine how much supervision and learning sessions you need.  

Module 1.  The fundament

During this module everything will be discussed that has to do with laying a foundation, for yourself and for your clients.

Don't expect big changes. Self-care.Phase of attachment.Laying a foundation and basic attitude.Self sufficient in the here and now. Looking at the world through the lens of trauma: tracing trauma in yourself and existing customers.Dare to follow what is now.Using ongoing coaching trajectoriesLearning trajectory: 3 sessions is about trauma in your own life. at the end of phase 1 evaluation moment trainers or students can continue to phase 2 Supervision: is about trauma in ongoing processes and what you encounter in yourself Intervision: processes current customers and your own experience with them

- 9 Training Days

- 8 Webinars

- Supervision

- Intervision

- Learning therapy

Module 2. Cracking the Codes

- 6 Training Days

- 4 webinars

- Supervision

- Intervision

- Learning therapy

Module 3. Secure Detachment and Tie-off

- 4 Training Days

-  2 webinars

- Supervision

- Intervision

- Learning therapy

The training is given at Center Samaya in Werkhoven. See



The course as a whole will start in March 2022 and will be completed in November 2023.

Training dates:

drs. Hilde Bolt – Psychologist - Psychotherapist
drs. Marijke Levelink - Andragologist - Coach - Counselor

A team of (inter)national teachers.


We offer tailor-made training.
Do you already have a lot of experience working with trauma? Do you not need a diploma (and exam)? Do you not have that much experience and do you want to be everywhere? It is possible to follow the training in the way that suits you.  


We offer the following options. 
1. Following the entire training including exam:

  • Year 1:           € 4295.00 

  • Learning path:         800.00

  • Year 2:          € 3995.00 

  • Learning path:         160.00

  • Exam costs: €   450.00

The amounts are excluding 21% VAT and including arrangement costs, study material, webinars.

2. Following a 'tailor-made program' : part of the training days:

Costs depend on the days to be followed (location costs or not).
One-day training per day: € 240.00 training, € 90.00 package costs

Two-day training: €480.00 training, €270.00 package costs (single room, reduced price €35.00 double room).
The amounts are excluding 21% VAT


Please contact Marieke.  


3. Following some or all webinars:  


A combination of 2 and 3 is of course possible.


The amounts are excluding 21% VAT and including arrangement costs, study material, webinars.




Marijke: T: 06 40097867  E:

Hilde: T: 06 47694985 E:

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