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Opleiding lichaam stress burnout natuurlijk herstel

Dynamic Coaching
at Stress &  burnout

VESB Erkende stress en burn-out coaches
Dynamisch Fasenmodel

When we look at the large numbers of people with stress and burnout complaints, we cannot deny that this also has to do with our western environment. Many people get stuck in their learned survival mechanism in interaction with this world. Little or no attention is paid to the body and the treatment and counseling methods are often cognitive and protocol-based, while stress is a very physical phenomenon. To truly recover, involving the body, caring for the body and understanding the language of the body are essential.

Hilde (Bolt) developed The Dynamic Phase Model®, which arose from more than 25 years of observations of clients with burnout or other major transitions, combined with scientific research. This method is based on natural principles and growth. The natural recovery of the body and its handling are central to this.

So do you want to learn how to work in a body-oriented way with stress & burnout?

Then we refer you to the Dynamic Coaching for Stress & Burnout training at the European Institute- De Baak.

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