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The body is the best work of art

(Jess C Scott)

Welcome to the website of Body Oriented Learning Academy!

Body Oriented Learning is a new movement aimed at increasing integrated knowledge about the body, stress & trauma in the mental & medical healthcare, organizations & society. Under this heading we bring together visions and points of view from different cultures, disciplines and eras. We provide education, workshops, training, webinars & events. We work together with a team of renowned professionals.


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Marijke Levelink 06 4009 78 67


Hilde  AJ Bolt 06 476 94 985

Graag brengen we deze prachtige, hoopvolle en belangrijke documentaire onder de aandacht van Marijke Kodden, Jaap Verhoeven en Rakina Buttner, Kiva - The Call of the Wisdomkeepers.

'Inspiring and fascinating documentary! It is an important document in this time of transition. The original peoples are the predecessors of the New Earth. They still remember the time where we are heading towards’.

(Robert Bridgeman – modern mystic,healer, speaker and author)

'KIVA shows us the powerful united voice and collective wisdom of the indigenous peoples, as we are invited to join their ceremony to reconnect with Mother Earth.’

(Rolf Winters – film maker Down to Earth)

Picture Whale Marek Piwnicki

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