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The Balance Clinic, one of our partners, is a wonderful initiative of former psychiatrist Bram Bakker and entrepreneur Rob Theunissen. Balancing people by supporting them with the right information about health and finding a suitable healthcare professionalsessional.

At the Balance Clinic we want to help people find the personal story behind their complaints. For example, not every complaint is necessarily the symptom of a medical condition, but first and foremost an expression of imbalance.

Current healthcare is mainly based on a medical model. Experts try to find a diagnosis for the complaints someone has, which is then treated as well as possible - and especially evidence-based. Critics even speak of 'sick care' instead of health care. A major problem with this system, however, is the increasing number of people who do not benefit from it. Because their complaints cannot be diagnosed appropriately or because a medical diagnosis may not be the best remedy for their complaints.

The current care model works very well if the diagnosis is clear: a bone may or may not be broken and a tumor may or may not contain malignant cells. But how black and white is the diagnosis of burnout? And what is the unequivocal definition of an irritable bowel? Despite good intentions and considerable investments in diagnostics, we never find a clear disease label for many health complaints. This is what the Balance Clinic wants to break through.

If you are looking for a care provider who looks from an integral, holistic perspective, you can search for a care provider on this site that suits you and your request for help.

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